Something about Techno

‘Techno’ or ‘Techno Music’ is nowadays a commonly used word. However many people don’t understand what it really means. For many people it is a negative word. They think it just means noise created with a ‘machine’. Furthermore many musicians do not even accept synthesiser or 909 drum-machines as instruments.

To the contrary it is nothing like that. Synthesizers are instruments. Of course they are not traditional instruments likes guitars or piano, but they are instruments because you can play melodies with it. They are modern instruments created by technology.

For Ravers and Techno lovers, Techno is anything but noise. Its an incredible and complex music genre which gives you incredible emotions. Furthermore it requires amazing skills to create good Techno songs, and for DJs it requires amazing skills to create out of single Techno songs a complete and harmonic Dj set. A single Techno song might be a great song. But its not like a Pop or Rock song, or a song you just listen too on the radio. Its more like a tool, like an element. I would say its an element with which you can create a surrealistic and complete DJ set, like creating a symphony, or like the paintings of Salvador Dali.

Techno emerged in the mid 80ies. Some say its origin was Detroit others say Germany. I guess it emerged on both places at the same time by different artists and artists like Jean-Michel Jarre with their synthesizer experimentalism created the foundations for Techno already in the late 70ies. Both places and artists contributed amazingly to what Techno is nowadays, it has became a culture and a lifestyle.

Of course, there are some harder styles which can be more noisy, but there are also Techno streams which are very groovy and melodic. Like with Rock music, Some like Metal, others Heavy Metal and others Death Metal. Its merely a question of ones taste.

Electronic Dance Music makes people dance and feel happy. Its some kind of art driven by experimentalism. Perhaps thats exactly what scares many people about it and makes them not understand Techno music. That is a phenomena which occurred already often in history. Old classical composers like Beethoven also had to deal with the issue of being misunderstood by some of the masses…..

Happy vibes to everybody! 🙂


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