“So tune in and remember the next song will be always the best one” – DJ Andreas Anderson

“Playing Techno for me is like a dream journey. Something surreal, something incredible. You are putting songs together which create a journey of emotions. This journey sparks different emotions in your mind, gives you different sensations and brings you to different places in your imagination. In the end you arrive at your destination happy, euphoric and satisfied.”

Andreas is an Austrian born Techno DJ and producer that currently resides in Munich. His unique style is characterised by stripped down and intense basslines combined with melodic and experimental synthesizers. His sets build up slowly creating an immersive experience combined with an exposition of hammering bass and acid sounds.

He began his career as DJ many years ago in Germany. He had a residency in BKI in Hamburg and has played in venues Edelfettwerk and Prizenbar. Andreas moved to London in 2009 for a few years before coming back to Munich. Whilst there he regularly did sets in venues such as Egg London, Ministry of Sound, the Lightbox, Eastbloc, Inigo and Gigalum.

In 2009 Andreas started producing his own material. By the beginning of 2011 he was working hard in the studio alongside legendary ‘DJ Babydoc’ and produced his critically praised releases ‘Vertigo’, ‘Taranis’ and ‘Tabula Rasa’ which showcased his unique sound direction.

His second release ‘Taranis EP’ with the track ‘Die grüne Fee (Original Mix) got featured by trackitdown.net and they quoted “Four stunning progressive techno weapons that have us hooked, stunning.”

After that Andreas got releases on Labels Gastspiel Records, Wasabi Recordings, Riben, Mood Indigo and High Pro-file Recordings.

Since 2012 he has have been showcasing his DJ style on a weekly Techno Radio show. In addition he is also releasing his monthly mixtape ‘Techno Tales’. His radio show is aired every Friday night from 8pm-10pm GMT on Bonus Radio, a London based web radio station.


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